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2020!? what is next on the list?

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the end of 2019 is coming up and there are more and more things to do. In today's post I will try and give you some tips on "Manchester – Christmas Vibe" but also few things to keep in mind when organising your December to do lists.

Let's start with…DECEMBER TIME!

It's that beautiful time of the year when everybody is wearing funky jumpers, sings carols and drinks hot chocolate 24/7. Here are my top 5 TO DO'S before Christmas that you need to do in Manchester.

  1. Go to the Christmas Market. Get few friends, have a drink and try some French cheese. You won't regret it.
  1. If you reach the Christmas Market don't forget to check the Christmas Carol services that are around the city center. It's time for you to listen to all the All I want for Christmas is you and all the Silent Nights of very Christmassy Manchester.
  1. Donate and support Christmas movements. If you are not making a donation in December, you are doing December wrong. This year me and my friends decided to start our own movement. You can support us following at this link:
  1. New Year's Eve is just around the corner so this is the perfect time to think already of 2020 and plan your Summer. Internships? Summer Programmes? Seeing family? Visiting your Manchester friends abroad? Think ahead and plan your 3 months of summer. Don't forget to check RyanAir. You will never know when the Barcelona 5 pounds offer is on!
  1. We mentioned all the fun stuff, but let's not forget about the Assignments and all the Exam prep you need to do in order to ace your university year. Get some time to do some revision, study and focus on.