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168 hours

There are 168 hours in a week, imagine you had only 168 pounds to spend in your month would you not spend it wisely.

This was my endeavour for the festive month of December. It is filled with deadlines, classes, events and trips that all of us want to handle smoothly but results in a lot of burnouts, lack of sleep and wasted time. I wanted to undertake something new and make the most out of my 168 hours, so I undertook a job for the first time in my life, cause back home we had a family-owned business and never had the feeling of working as an employee. It was the job of a bartender at this cool place called ‘Dive Restro and Bar’ at Manchester City Centre. I was on my first shift from 6 pm on a Friday and I stepped out after a leg-breaking night on Saturday at 6:30 am. It was alright cause it was my first day without any prior training in drinks, loud music and accent made it even tougher for me to work in the place. But it was a learning opportunity and I decided to go back the next day and did a 10-hour shift again. My tiredness carried on until Monday morning and I ended up taking my class online, which is not something I recommend to anyone.

Ashish Agarwal on a bridge in York

I had a lot of fun on a weekend trip with the international society. We visited York during the Christmas Carnival and it was so beautiful. We hired a boat in the canal and had a whole boat by ourselves. We explore the majestic Cathedral, we went around the city on the ‘City Walls’ which is built all around the city and such a bliss to have a route of this sort which is about 100 years old. We started the day at 8 am and got back to Manchester at around 8 pm. We had a very good pizza at this place called ‘The Dough Eyed’, which was very big and very very tasty. We also visited the ‘Railway Museum’ which was beautiful. I did some shopping at the carnival and had a great time.

Another suggestion that I would give to anyone new to University is to try to study what is taught on a daily basis. That way it is not pilling up for you to study everything before exams at the end of the semester. Cause whatever is taught in class is not rocket science but it becomes tough to cope up when there is too much. But I think I will be able to cope with God’s grace.