Former AMBS student launches ethical energy company


An ambitious former student has launched an ethical energy company that is set to take on the global energy crisis.

Cheryl Latham was studying an MBA at Alliance MBS when she was inspired to create her own start-up whilst on a trip to Kenya. The entrepreneur is now the founder and CEO of Brighter World, a buy-to-give company that aims to provide UK customers a great deal on their energy as well as offer solar-powered energy to families in Africa for the first time.

Cheryl said: “Africa is about three times the size of Europe, yet it is still in almost complete darkness, with two thirds of people in this vast continent living without electricity and having to resort to using expensive and toxic kerosene lamps.

“Energy is life-changing and my trip to Kenya was a stark reminder of this – meeting children who were desperate to learn but could not study in the evenings, and fishermen who wanted to grow their businesses but needed light and refrigeration to keep stock fresh.”

Brighter World has since received £500,000 of funding from various ethically-focussed investors.

The company will not be on price comparison sites so customers will have to go direct and money saved can be used to power Africa alongside the operation for UK customers, thus beating the big six energy companies on price with a £200 saving for the average household.

For more on Brighter World’s mission go to or follow @BrighterWorldUK.


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