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Helen Mitchell

Acting Trust Lead, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

The Manchester Leadership Development programme >>

The Manchester Management Development Programme is a five- day high energy general management course. Over the week the emphasis is on building an individual’s confidence as a manager and gaining a wider appreciation of business.

Why were you interested in the programme?
The key reason why I wanted to go on the programme was to do some executive education which was away from where I currently work, which is in the NHS. I really wanted to get an understanding of other people’s perspectives and what they did in their day jobs.

What did you enjoy the most?
What I got out of the course in particular was a sense of where I know when I’m performing at my best and being able to perform at my best all the time. At the start of the week we did personality profiles and, whilst it didn’t suggest anything brand new to me, the teaching on the course enabled me to understand when I know that I’m performing at my worst and being able to identify that (…) I found it really useful.

I thought the teaching on the course was really good, the lecturers were just excellent in whatever they did and I would recommend it to anybody, particular those working in the public sector that want to get away from the more traditional leadership development courses that are available.