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Stuart Berry's Experience

National Accounts Controller, Northwood

Psychology of Leading People

A practical course for those looking to master the tools and techniques of high-performance management.

Psychology of Leading People is an evidence-based, practical course, which helps you discover, strengthen, and effectively implement your leadership skills within your organisation.

From in-depth insights on managing yourself and others, to best-practice examples from more than 140 leading organisations, you will gain a greater understanding of how management is evolving in an ever-changing world.

Can you provide a summary of your background and current role?

I am National Accounts Controller with 20-years’ experience within the AFH (Away From Home) paper hygiene and wiping market. I have a strong management, new business and account management skills developed in B2B markets, with the flair for improving performances with good KPIs and maximising opportunities by setting SMART objectives.

What are the main leadership challenges faced by your organisation which prompted you to book onto the course?

I have been running a successful team of National Account Managers for around 8 years through various challenges such as the pandemic, Brexit, various service issues and inflation. 

My line manager is looking to retire in the near future, so I wanted to develop my leadership skills to hopefully lead the entire commercial department.

What key skills and knowledge do you feel you have gained from studying on the course?

The course content focused on three key themes, managing self, managing others, and managing teams and organisations, each developing vital skills needed to lead teams successfully.

Managing self was the part of the course that I found the most useful to me, personally. I believe that when you understand yourself, you will be able lead and manage others, much better.

Were they any particular elements to the course you enjoyed the most?

The self-reflection and self-awareness were the two biggest aspects of the course that I enjoyed the most. It was comforting to learn that I was doing a lot of things right and I should continue to do them, but it also highlighted my weaknesses and ways I could manage those areas better in the future.

It was a very thought-provoking course with great content, but the course was made even more special by all the other delegates taking part because everybody was fully engaged and wanted to learn. It was a fabulous few days!

Why did you choose Alliance Manchester Business School as the place to complete a professional development course?

The course content was exactly what I was looking for, as I was looking for a course on leadership, not management.

Now you have completed the course, what impact do you think and hope your learnings will have on your organisation?

I have already started to look at everything a little differently within my team, and the small changes that I have implemented are already having a positive impact. I believe the techniques I learn on this course will help me become a better version of me, which will have a big impact on my team and the business. 

What advice would you give to other professionals who are looking to join this short business course at AMBS?

If this sounds like the right course for you, I'd say go for it because the facilities, people and the content will be second to none!

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I have already started to look at everything a little differently within my team, and the small changes that I have implemented are already having a positive impact.

Stuart Berry, National Accounts Controller, Northwood.

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