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Jeremy Lai-Hung's experience

Logistics Consultant, Advisian

Advanced Management Achievement Course (AMAC)

A highly specialised programme designed for military officers moving into management and executive careers.

The Advanced Management Achievement Course (AMAC) is a three-week highly specialised programme offering practical, interactive sessions which will help you develop the confidence and management tools to take the next step in your career.

Why did you decide to join AMAC?

The course was recommended to me by a fellow service leaver and it wasn’t on my radar before that. When I looked at the course content, the range and quality of the lecturers and the fact that it was aimed at a service leavers with my level of experience, I knew it would be a really good use of my precious resettlement time and resources. I was not disappointed!

What key skills and knowledge do you feel you have gained from this course?

For me it was the introduction to commercial subjects, such as finance and accounting, that initially attracted me. However as the course progressed I realised that I already possessed many of the skills and attributes that a new employer might be looking for and that it was more about the confidence to apply those skills in a new environment. I found the business approach to strategy particularly interesting and useful.

What did you enjoy the most about the course?

I found the interaction with my fellow student cohort to be particularly valuable and useful.

When I attended I had not narrowed down the list of industries I was going to target so spending three weeks away from work gave me the ‘headspace’ I needed to focus on my resettlement and being in the company of similarly motivated and experienced people was really useful for me. 

Hearing how other people were approaching their resettlement certainly challenged my thinking and broadened my horizons.

How have you implemented what you learnt on the course within your own organisation?

I am now involved in setting a new strategy for a new team in my organisation and I found the course content to have been invaluable in that regard.

Learning the similarities and differences between how the armed forces and civilian organisation approach strategy was excellent. Overall the course gave me the confidence to get stuck into new things knowing I could fall-back on my notes when need to. 

What advice would you give to others looking to join the AMAC course?

My advice would be to get enrolled as early as possible in your resettlement journey as the course opened my eyes to career options that I had not previously considered. Doing the course early allows you to focus your remaining resettlement activities in the right areas.

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Spending three weeks away from work gave me the headspace I needed to focus on my resettlement and being in the company of motivated and experienced people was really useful to me

Jeremy Lai-Hung, Logistics Consultant, Advisian.

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