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Nick Stocking's experience

Head of Account Management and Support, Golf Genius Software

Manchester Leadership Development Programme

A practical, accelerated leadership development programme for leaders and managers moving forward in their careers.

The Manchester Leadership Development Programme explores the core modules for business success – leadership, leading teams, finance, strategy, innovation and project management. 

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), it combines skills development with one-to-one leadership coaching.

The programme is delivered face-to-face over five consecutive and intensive days.

Can you provide a brief summary of your background and current role?

I am currently Head of Account Management and Support at Golf Genius Software, a position I have held for the past 8 years since the inception of the company's international division. 

My role involves overseeing account management activities, ensuring smooth customer support, and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

Throughout my time at Golf Genius Software, I have been dedicated to supporting the growth and success of the company's international ventures.

What key skills and knowledge do you feel you have gained from studying on the course?

During my week on the course, I acquired a great deal of skills. However, the most significant knowledge I gained was about myself as a manager and how my actions impact my team's motivation and morale. 

This understanding came through the Hogan Report assessments on day 1, which can sometimes be a challenging read. Nevertheless, I am pleased to say that I am already adjusting certain aspects of my management style to become a better leader and coach for those under my care.

Were they any particular elements to the course you enjoyed the most?

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course, and they were all incredibly well taught by experts within their respective fields. 

One topic that particularly stood out to me was Strategy and Innovation. I found great delight in exploring the real-life examples of how some of the world's biggest organisations penetrated new markets and achieved significant business growth by continuously innovating.

Why did you choose Alliance Manchester Business School as the place to complete a professional development course?

I chose Alliance Manchester Business School for several reasons, one of which is its convenient location in Manchester. However, what truly appealed to me were the subjects being taught. They aligned perfectly with my aspirations to become a better leader, as they covered areas I genuinely wanted to explore and develop my skills in.

Now you have completed the course, what impact do you think and hope your learnings will have on your organisation?

I am already witnessing changes within my own management style and I am actively applying the new knowledge I have gained, such as learning to read a balance sheet - something that I could not do before this course!

What advice would you give to other professionals who are looking to join this short business course at AMBS?

I wholeheartedly recommend this course. Everything about the course was nothing short of exceptional! The programme team, lecturers and client relations team were a pleasure to work with and made it very enjoyable. 

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Everything about the course was nothing short of exceptional! The programme team, lecturers and client relations team were a pleasure to work with and made it very enjoyable.

Nick Stocking, Head of Account Management and Support, Golf Genius Software.

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