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Deb Barber

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Cardiff Airport

Advanced Management Achievement Course (AMAC) >>

The Advanced Management Achievement Course is a three-week highly specialised programme designed for officers moving in to management and executive careers. Through practical, interactive sessions, you will develop the confidence and management tools to take the next step in your career.

What were your expectations before starting the programme?
I was impressed with the course brochure as it was comprehensive and gave me a good idea of the key areas being covered.

How did you find the programme content and delivery?
Not only were all the key areas covered in detail, I was pleasantly surprised by the teaching methods used, such as the extensive use of case studies and theories which were relevant and current. There was also practical reinforcement of these which was extremely useful.

What did you enjoy most?
Being from similar professional backgrounds, the group bonded very well. There were some long days but it was good fun, and the flow and structure of the course meant I was never bored.

How have you used what you learnt on the programme since?
When preparing for my new job I took a different approach by researching the organisation thoroughly, even looking at the company accounts. This led to some great feedback, particularly on my commercial awareness, plus I got the job! I now have more confidence in my business communications.

I have already recommended this course to colleagues as it will give them the tools required when preparing for the transition to a ‘civilian’ workplace and to have the confidence to talk in the correct business language.