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Leading Complex Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (LCP3) Programme
Sponsoring Complex Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (SCP3) Programme
Integrating Complex Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (ICP3) Programme
Propel Revolution 3: GROW Programme

The extensive environment in which BAE Systems operates is changing with greater competition, more demanding customers, and increasingly complex projects; this requires a different kind of project leader - possessing the ability to manage and lead in this challenging environment.

Organisational issue

In 2014, BAE Systems identified the need for a learning and development programme for senior, delivery focused, project, programme and portfolio leaders and managers. With Project Management at the core of everything that BAE Systems do, this programme was deemed critical in building a talent pipeline of project leaders that win and deliver world-class projects, programmes, and portfolios with confidence. 

The solution

Our partnership designing the programme became highly collaborative and inventive. BAE Systems bringing their expertise, challenges and lessons learned from delivering highly complex projects. Alliance MBS bringing its teaching and research expertise in project leadership and management of complex projects. 

The Leading Complex Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (LCP3) programme is delivered over 14 months (with the option to further complete a Postgraduate Certificate) and enables participants to develop skills and knowledge across six core competency themes - each bringing its own particular benefit to an individual’s leadership capability. The programme is aimed at senior project, programme and portfolio managers and directors from all BAE Systems businesses across the world. The residential sessions have been delivered at four locations worldwide: United Kingdom, Australia, USA, and United Arab Emirates. 

Programme impact

The impact of LCP3 was felt throughout the business from early on: 

  • Improved project and business performance 
  • Knowledge sharing across the business
  • Building a robust talent pipeline of future project leaders
  • Highly motivated staff with increased confidence
  • Improved customer intimacy and understanding

LCP3 has won a number of awards, including the BAE Systems’ Chairman’s Award for developing future project leaders.  

The success and impact of the LCP3 programme within BAE Systems led to the development of a complementary programme, Sponsoring Complex Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (SCP3), to ensure that the global senior leadership of the company were aligned with the teaching and impact of LCP3 and to improve project sponsorship. The programme has been delivered in both the UK and USA and provides an overview of LCP3 concepts through a sponsor lens.

In 2019, following the success of LCP3 and SCP3, BAE Systems commissioned the design and delivery of a foundational programme for project managers who are five years away from attending LCP3. The 4-month Integrating Complex Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (ICP3) programme includes a 3-day residential session and provides delegates with the required integration skills, tools and mind-set to position and enable BAE Systems’ project managers to deliver their projects successfully to customers around the world.

In the same year, Alliance MBS also won a competitive bid to design and deliver a programme, titled Propel Revolution 3: GROW, aimed at improving leadership capabilities in BAE Systems’ engineering leaders. GROW was designed by Alliance MBS to be consistent and compatible with the existing LCP3, SCP3 and ICP3 programmes. GROW is a 6-month programme with one residential week session. 

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The suite of AMBS executive education programmes has been delivered internationally across our businesses, from new project leaders up to Executive Committee members.

Sue Simmonite, Global Project Management & Control Director, BAE Systems
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As LCP3 is a global programme, the participants were from all areas of BAE Systems, this significantly added to the richness of the discussion sharing challenges and solutions.

Richard Taylor, Programme Management Director and Deputy PMA, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia, LCP3 participant, Cohort 1

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