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A turning point

We devote much of this issue to the extraordinary growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how its potential to transform business is only now really beginning to be fully understood.

A person looking at a screen with glasses on. We can see the reflection of the screen in the glasses.

The links between academia and business are growing in the field of AI

Richard Allmendinger has been working in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) long before it ever became fashionable.

A scientist controlling a robotic arm from a safe distance away.

Digital Adoption

Advanced digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics, are changing the way we work and our daily tasks.

A black woman clicking on abstract artificial icons.

Ethical Challenge

Organisations are increasingly becoming data-driven and the use of AI by business continues to accelerate.

A woman looking at her smartphone whilst being surrounded by a stream of purple light.

Privacy Paradox

To what extent do people ‘identify’ with the technologies they use? Namely, do they readily adopt new technologies and happily identify with them (such as many do with a smartphone), or are they more likely to resist such technologies?

A black woman holding an iPad in a small shop.

Fair Treatment

Business transformation, wage regulation, unpaid and low pay issues at work, precarious work, worker participation, Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace.

An image of Sean Marett

Self belief

BioNTech became world famous for developing with Pfizer the first ever approved mRNA-based vaccine. Chief Business and Commercial Officer Sean Marett, who took his MBA at AMBS, shared the extraordinary story at a Vital Topics lecture.

A woman gesticulating in a meeting.

Achieving Gender Equality

My interest in women’s employment started 50 years ago when, as an undergraduate at Cambridge, I won the Adam Smith essay prize for my entry on women’s employment.

Finance and stock market data graph

Firm Foundations

Tell us a little about your background? Before starting my MBA, I was a financial technology regulator at the Securities and Exchange Commission in my home city of Bangkok, Thailand, where I had taken a law degree at Chulalongkorn University.

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Lifelong learning

Let’s say you’re a manager in your mid-30s leading a small but highly effective sales team. It is a decade since you completed your undergraduate degree, and perhaps a Masters.

A picture of coins with graphs super imposed on them.

Audit Attraction

Following a number of high-profile corporate collapses, the government has undertaken a string of reviews into the audit sector to enhance audit quality, increase competition, reduce conflicts of interest, and improve regulatory oversight.

A busy street in Dhaka, Bangladesh

New governance

International auditing and governance practices, generally conceived in the context of Western countries, are often not suitable for developing countries due to the distinct characteristics of their business environment.

Alejandra Navea Parra and Hien Dao

Research with Impact

Two first year AMBS PhD researchers — Hien Dao and Alejandra Navea Parra — have been awarded prestigious Doctoral Studies Awards from the Research and Development Management Association (RADMA).

Workers in a wheat field.

Sustainable Model

Growing awareness of the environmental impacts of livestock production has raised questions about whether future growth in global demand for animal protein can be satisfied without compromising environmental sustainability.


Final word

Systems Leadership

Systems leadership in the NHS in England focuses on leading beyond organisational and professional boundaries to implement policy changes and meet budget requirements.


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