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Issue 09


A view outside an office space of a woman working at her desk on her own.

The future of work

Health and wellbeing needs to be a key strategic issue in organisations

Male and female professionals are attending an online meeting working from home.

Workplace Watershed

It is unlikely there will be a one size fits all for employers post Covid.

Graphic charts, graphs and arrows showing economic downturn

Shaping the Future

Jill Rubery has been appointed to an advisory panel on the future of work

A hand displayed with a rainbow to denote equality.

Researching equality policies

AMBS has been awarded a major grant looking at equality policies and regulation

A power plant cooling tower emitting gas

Path to net zero

The Manchester Festival of Climate Action considered the challenges of climate change

Abstract digital data numbers illustration.

Held To Account

How teaching accounting needs to change to reflect climate change risks

Image of the Alliance Manchester Business School building and blue sky.

New Director of Work and Equalities Institute

Professor Anthony Raffery discusses his priorities.

Photographed from below a small sapling is dwarfed by huge rainforest trees.

Structural Change

AMBS academics share views at climate conference.

A large wave crashing into the side of a harbour near a lighthouse

Resilience and Action

Communities need to prepare for climate-induced emergencies

The Liver building in Liverpool during the early evening

Closing the Gap

Productivity can help accelerate the levelling up agenda

Abstract geometric vector pattern with transition effect.

Closing the Productivity Gap

Kieran Flanagan reflects on the causes of the North West's productivity gap.

People and information data on a digital space background.

Tackling Productivity

The head of The Growth Company has been appointed an Honorary Professor

A lot of fibre optic cables on a black background

Data drive

AMBS is gaining increasing global prominence for its data sciences research.

Circuit board with running data by a glowing lines.

Tackling complex work processes

AMBS has begun a management Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Jackson Lees Group

Two medical professionals who are in full scrub

Healthcare challenge

Naomi Chambers and Ann Mahon discuss the challenges facing the NHS

A favela during a sunny day with a clear blue sky

Doing good

Naomi Chambers and Ann Mahon discuss the challenges facing the NHS

A cityscape shot of the Manchester city centre during a sunset

Reimagining business

Ken McPhail looks forward to this year's British Academy of Management conference.

The 2021 graduation celebration at The Middle East Centre

A world of change

The University of Manchester's Middle East Centre has celebrated its 15th anniversary.


Final word

The last word

Professor Fiona Devine reflects on the future of work and working practices.


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