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At the Frontier

It is essential that AMBS makes space for curiosity driven research to help tackle the world’s grand challenges, says Professor Ken McPhail, Head of AMBS.

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Shaping Minds

We are living in pivotal times and business schools need to respond to the challenge.

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Making Nature Heard

Increasing pressure to report Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) indicators has led to a proliferation of initiatives aimed at defining what needs to be measured, and why, by organisations.

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Turning the Tide

The People’s Plan for Nature, a report published following an independent citizens’ assembly process, was released this year.

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The Benefits of Net Zero

The transition to net zero is an opportunity for businesses to improve productivity, generate new jobs, and create the markets of the future, but this is not guaranteed.

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Let’s Talk About Money

The Financial Wellbeing Guide 2023 says managers need to do more to signpost the support that is available to workers or risk failing to address the problem.

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Peer Support

Earlier this year the National Forum for Wellbeing at Work, based at AMBS, held its first event on mental health first aid in London.

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Changing the Rules of the Game

Now that the dust has somewhat settled on the demise of HS2, it’s time to take a cold, clear look at what we can learn from the debacle.

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Against the backdrop of rising geopolitical tensions, increased economic nationalism, and wider consumer dissatisfaction with capitalism, these are challenging times for multinationals and the global economic model.

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Pressing Challenges

The rapid advancement of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and data science has led to widespread discussion about what the future world of work will look like.

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Voice for All

Diversity management has come to the forefront of the recruitment and retention strategies for many organisations, so much so that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) directorates are being made independent of HR departments.

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First Steps

The UK Higher Education Statistics Agency recorded nearly 5,000 start-ups created by UK university students last year as students become keen to leverage entrepreneurship for both earning money through their studies and as a potential career.

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In the Front Line

The UK government’s Retail Crime Action Plan represents a welcome, but long-overdue, introduction of more robust measures to protect retail workers. However, this alone won’t eradicate the epidemic of aggressive behaviour against staff.

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Changing Horizons

Aziz Yuldashev had held important roles at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Singapore, before starting his MBA at AMBS.


Final word

Last Word

Sarah-Jane Marsh reflected on the keys to management success at our annual Teddy Chester lecture.


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