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Making a Difference

As we emerge from COVID-19 the challenges around rebuilding the economy are undoubtedly huge. Yet here in the North West I certainly detect growing optimism about the region’s future.

Andy Haldane

Levelling With Us

Andy Haldane shares his thoughts on productivity, skills and devolution

An abstract picture of the earth. A stock market graph in decline is at the foreground of the image in purple.

Crisis of Capitalism?

Diane Coyle asks whether capitalism is in crisis.

A person in a face covering pointing to a blackboard sign.

Recovery strategies

Post Covid a major research project is helping societies prepare for future emergencies.

Happy family: mother, father, children son and daughter on nature on sunset.

Making healthier decisions

Emerging technologies have a key role to play in assessing future disease risks.

The image shows a supermarket trolley with the aisle in the background.

Gender and food retailing

Gender segregation is embedded in food retail roles, says Abbie Winton.

A picture of an Audi car with a licence plate that says 'The new Audi A8' with a black background

Leaders at the wheel

AMBS and Audi have received international recognition for an executive education programme

Accounting financial schedule and digital analytics data visualization.

Exploring the unknown

Paolo Quattrone discusses the big issues facing accounting.

Aerial view of a distribution warehouse with truck and containers and road

Supply chain disturbance

The risk of disturbances to global supply chains has never been so under the spotlight.

Elle Perschke

Developing agile leaders

AMBS is gaining national recognition for its work around Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Gareth Dooley, part-time Global MBA student at Alliance Manchester Business School

Winds of change

Studying for the global MBA brings huge personal and professional benefits.

The Alliance MBS and University of Manchester buildings as seen from Oxford Road.

Research in action

The DBA gives business professionals the opportunity to gain a doctoral degree while working.

The Data Visualisation Observatory at Alliance Manchester Business School

Bigger picture

The AMBS Data Visualisation Observatory is developing new data models for organisations.

A cityscape of Manchester during a sunny day

Socially responsible

The pandemic has strengthened student commitment to Sustain


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