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Aziz Yuldashev

Aziz Yuldashev

Senior Consultant with Curzon Consulting

Changing Horizons

Aziz Yuldashev used his MBA from AMBS to move into consulting.

Aziz Yuldashev had held important roles at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Singapore, before starting his MBA at AMBS.

As he says, his goals when he began the course were to deepen his business acumen and develop his consulting skills through the projects on the programme in order to move into the consulting sector.

"I had decided to switch to the private sector and use my analytical and problem-solving skills to explore new areas and industries. Working in management consulting I am today exposed to various challenges in different industries as a result of solving challenging issues for our clients every day," says Aziz, who now works as a senior consultant with Curzon Consulting in London.
"The move into consulting was more complex than it might sound because I had to overcome several challenges, such as lack of relevant experience, networking, cultural adjustment, market perception and, most importantly, having enough time,” he explains.


As he embarked on his new career Aziz had support from the AMBS Postgraduate Career Services (PCS) which helps familiarise MBA candidates with the UK job market, and provide potential internships and networking opportunities with other graduates in order to learn more about specific industries and job requirements.

As he adds: "Differentiating between reactive and proactive approaches, guiding you through structured and project-based internships, and organising a series of guest speaker events, round tables, competitions and networking events in London and Manchester are just some of the activities PCS conducts all year around. I found the team always quick to respond, provide tailored recommendations, and were ready to meet for one-to-one sessions."

The PCS team also prepares MBA candidates for future interviews, conducting mock interviews to outline what works well and what could be improved. Through the PCS Aziz went on to secure an internship with Garic, a company that supplies innovation welfare equipment and site solutions, where he helped structure its Modern Slavery Policy to comply with UK legislation.

"Apart from drafting the policy, I also developed a risk assessment tool to assess Garic’s entire supplier network for their modern slavery approach and score them based on the traffic light approach. This will now help the company tailor their relationships with stakeholders and educate their counterparts."

Having 25 nationalities among 110 candidates in the class helped to understand different perspectives, learn about other cultures, and find diverse solutions to various problems.


Based on his experience, when it comes to searching for and applying for internships Aziz advises future MBAs to identify their career goals and aspirations early on in their programme, or beforehand, to help direct the search for the right internship. He also suggests learning from people who have already made the desired transition.

"Networking with AMBS graduates helped in terms of getting their steer for future interview preparation, such as tips and strategies, industry-specific advice and mentoring for future success," he says.

Reflecting on the MBA, Aziz says the AMBS programme has many advantages in equipping MBA candidates for success. This included the learning-by-doing principle that is a key feature of the Manchester MBA as it allows students to learn advanced skills and apply them in a variety of projects. The large alumni network in the UK and around the globe is another strength that Aziz identifies, connecting people with various backgrounds and interests.

As he adds: "Having 25 nationalities among 110 candidates in the class helped to understand different perspectives, learn about other cultures, and find diverse solutions to various problems. As a result, I now have lifelong connections with people from across the world."

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