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Meet our MBA team

Do you want to find out more about whether an MBA is right for you or how it could help your career? You can meet our MBA recruitment team across the globe to find out more.

MBA information sessions

MBA Outcomes and Career Development | The Manchester Global MBA

Join Head of Postgraduate Careers and Employability, Chris Garnett to explore career and personal development opportunities associated with MBA study.

Careers webinar | The Manchester Full-time MBA 

Information session | The Manchester Full-time MBA 


One-to-one meetings

We would love to meet you in person to discuss your career goals. If your city isn't listed, we can schedule a phone/Skype consultation on a date and time that suits you. This is your opportunity to:

  • Find out more about our full-time and part-time MBA programmes
  • Receive feedback on your eligibility and help to strengthen your application
  • Get information on scholarships, funding options and corporate discounts
  • Make contact with Alliance Manchester Business School alumni in your country to hear first-hand experiences of the Manchester MBA

We are available for one-to-one meetings on the dates below.

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  • London: 8 March; 19-20 March; 19-20 May
  • Manchester: All year
  • Phone / Skype: All year


  • Tokyo: 25-26 March
  • Beijing: 27-28 March
  • Shanghai: All year
  • Jakarta: 3-7 April
  • Bangkok: 7-9 April
  • Phone / Skype: All year


  • Zurich: 26-27 March
  • Baku: 12-13 February
  • Moscow: 15-16 February
  • Almaty: 17-18 February
  • Munich: 6-7 March
  • Berlin: 16-17 March
  • Dusseldorf: 16-18 March
  • Frankfurt: 18-20 March
  • Munich: 20-22 March
  • Stuttgart: 22-23 March
  • Geneva: 26-27 March
  • Phone / Skype: All year


  • Dubai: 25-27 February
  • Abu Dhabi: 19-20 March
  • Riyadh: 21-22 March
  • Abuja: 6-7 May
  • Lagos: 8-9 May
  • Nairobi: 10-11 May
  • Johannesburg: 12-13 May
  • Phone / Skype: All year


  • San Francisco: 29-30 January
  • Los Angeles: 1-2 February
  • Phone / Skype: All year


  • Sao Paulo: 7-9 February
  • Rio de Janeiro: 9-10 February
  • Mexico City: 16-22 February
  • Monterrey: 19-20 February
  • Bogota: 24-25 February
  • Medellin: 27-28 February
  • Lima: 1-2 March
  • Santiago: 3-4 March
  • Phone / Skype: All year




MBA fairs

We attend MBA fairs across the world, including QS Connect MBA, Access MBA, the World MBA Tour and the Forté MBA Forum. To meet us at one of these events, please book your place directly with the event provider.

  • London: Access MBA, Tuesday 21st January, 16:30-21:30
  • London: QS Connect MBA, Saturday 25th January, 12:00-15:30
  • Birmingham: Apprenticeship Show, Monday/Tuesday 2nd/3rd February, time TBC
  • London: QS World MBA Tour, Sunday 8th March, 13:30-18:00
  • London: L&D Forum, Wednesday 18th March, TBC
  • London: Forte Foundation, Friday 20th March, TBC
  • London: QS Connect MBA, Tuesday 19th May, TBC
  • Tokyo: QS Connect MBA, Thursday 26th March, 18:00-21:30
  • Beijing: QS Connect MBA, Saturday 28th March, 09:30-13:00
  • Shanghai: QS Connect MBA, Sunday 29th March, 10:00-13:30
  • Jakarta: QS Connect MBA, Saturday 4th April, 12:00-15:30
  • Jakarta: Access MBA, Tuesday 7th April, time TBC
  • Bangkok: QS Connect MBA, Wednesday 8th April, 18:00-21:30
  • Zurich: Access MBA, Monday 3rd February, 17:00-22:00  
  • Baku: Access MBA, Thursday 13th February, 16:30-22:00
  • Moscow: Access MBA, Saturday 15th February, 10:30-16:00
  • Almaty: Access MBA, Tuesday 18th February, 16:30-21:30
  • Munich: e-fellows MBA Day, Saturday 7th March, TBC 
  • Berlin: QS Connect MBA, Monday 16th March, 18:00-21:30
  • Dusseldorf: QS Connect MBA, Tuesday 17th March, 18:00-21:30
  • Frankfurt: QS Connect MBA, Thursday 19th March, 18:00-21:30
  • Munich: QS Connect MBA, Saturday 21st March, 12:00-15:30
  • Stuttgart: QS Connect MBA, Monday 23rd March, 18:00-21:30
  • Geneva: QS Connect MBA, Wednesday 25th March, 18:00-21:30
  • Zurich: QS Connect MBA, Thursday 26th March, 1800-21:30
  • Geneva: Premier MBA, Tuesday 19th May, TBC
  • Abu Dhabi: QS Connect MBA, Wednesday 26th February, 18:00-21:30
  • Dubai: QS World MBA Tour, Friday 28th February, 12:00-15:30
  • Dubai: QS Connect MBA, Friday 28th February, 1530-18:30
  • Dubai: Access MBA, Saturday 18th April, TBC
  • Abu Dhabi: Access MBA, Monday 20th April, TBC
  • Riyadh: Access MBA, Wednesday 22nd April, TBC
  • Abuja: QS World MBA Tour, Thursday 7th May, 17:00-21:00
  • Lagos: QS World MBA Tour, Saturday 9th May, 13:30-18:00
  • Nairobi: QS World MBA Tour, Monday 11th May, 16:30-21:00
  • Johannesburg: QS WOrld MBA Tour, Wednesday 13th May, 16:00-20:00
  • Toronto: QS Connect MBA, Saturday 18th January, 10:00-13:30
  • Toronto: QS World MBA Tour, Saturday 18th January, 13:30-18:00
  • San Francisco: QS World MBA Tour, Thursday 20th January, 16:30-21:00
  • Los Angeles: QS World MBA Tour, Saturday 1st February, 13:30-18:00  
  • Sao Paulo: QS Connect MBA, Saturday 8th February, 10:00-13:30
  • Sau PauloS: QS World MBA Tour, Saturday 8th February, 13:30-18:00
  • Rio de Janeiro: QS Connect MBA, Monday 10th February, 18:00-21:30
  • Mexico City: QS Connect MBA, Monday 17th February, 18:00-22:00
  • Mexico City: QS World MBA Tour, Tuesday 18th February, 16:30-2100
  • Monterrey: Access MBA, Thursday 20th February, 16:30-21:30
  • Mexico City: Access MBA, Saturday 22nd February, TBC
  • Bogota: Access MBA, Tuesday 25th February, 16:30-21:30
  • Medellin: Access MBA, Thursday 27th February, 16:30-21:30
  • Lima: Access MBA, Monday 2nd March, 16:30-22:00
  • Santiago: Access MBA, Wednesday 4th March, 17:00-22:00
  • Sao Paulo: Access MBA, Saturday 7th March, 10:30-16:30


Please note the information on this page is for candidates enrolling through the UK Centre (all full-time MBA candidates and part-time MBA candidates from the UK, North America, Europe and Africa). 

If you are a part-time MBA candidate based in Asia, the Middle East, Australasia or South America, please contact your local University of Manchester Worldwide centre for further information on regional events: DubaiHong KongSao PauloShanghaiSingapore