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PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

This PhD programme pathway provides advanced training to develop innovative research in all areas of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.

Duration: 4 years full-time / 8 years part-time

PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy research focus

Working alongside our experts, our PhD researchers focus on the following areas:

  • Assessment and governance of emerging technologies
  • Responsibility in research and innovation
  • Managing and measuring policy
  • Knowledge production, innovation, technology deployment, and user engagement
  • Roles of universities, public research centres, and other organisations in science and innovation
  • Evaluation, foresight and strategic intelligence in science, technology and innovation policy

You may also look at the wider governance of science, technology and innovation, including:

  • How societal, economic and state factors interact to shape the production of scientific knowledge and new technologies
  • The generation, diffusion and use of innovations
  • The development of socio-technical systems.

The focus on governance and policy offers unique opportunities to link your research to the work of senior colleagues in other faculties at The University of Manchester.

Researcher insight

Paul Sterzenbach, PhD Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

“I realised that this is a unique opportunity to do research with internationally renowned supervisors in an area that I am passionate about. It also enables me to significantly advance my career on an international level and prepares for leading roles in academia and research or industry.

“Alliance MBS combines a highly diverse set of cultures, nationalities and research activities. This mix provides the basis for world-leading research with real impact. In my field, the expertise available in innovation, entrepreneurship, and policy studies is supporting my research in an incredible way. The Manchester Institute of Innovation
Research is unique and on an international level.”

Paul Sterzenbach, Germany
PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
Research topic: Innovation, entrepreneurship and policy

Programme structure

  • Develop your research proposal
  • Complete the Research Training Programme
  • Study a series of units designed to enhance understanding in your chosen field.
  • Focus on thesis research, analysis and writing under the guidance of supervisors
  • Participate in STIP seminars and the activities of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research
  • Presentation and job market skills training
  • Present your work at conferences
  • Support for submission of your work to high-quality publications
  • Networking and presentation of your work to international conferences
  • Transition to work support, including training in job market skills and profile raising
  • Developing the impact of your research
  • Submit your thesis for examination

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

The programme is linked to the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research - a world-leading centre for the study of science and innovation policy and management. Our 45 members of staff and 50 doctoral students build on more than five decades of interdisciplinary science, technology and innovation studies in Manchester. Research, teaching and engagement activities are based upon a guiding principle of excellence, both in terms of academic rigour and societal relevance.