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Nick Sanders Kickstarter Award

Give your start-up business idea the Kickstart it needs.

The Kickstarter Fund is a grant of up to £1000 for students and recent graduates to explore an early stage start-up business idea.

Generously donated by alumnus Nick Sanders, the Kickstarter Fund offers you the opportunity to validate and test your assumptions of the market as you begin to develop your idea. Sitting alongside this is a package of support from the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) team built around developing the idea together with enhancing your skills as an entrepreneur.

Nick Sanders, keen to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, spent his early career in the aerospace industry and now manages a portfolio of private businesses and advises Private Equity firms on new or existing investments. Nick actively engages with the early-stage entrepreneurs funded through this opportunity to offer advice and support their development.

The Kickstarter funding opportunity is open on a rolling monthly basis so apply now or contact for further information.