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Innovation management and competitiveness

The significance of innovation as a source of competitiveness and as a driver of industrial dynamics is widely recognised. However, innovation itself is ever-changing with new ways being developed to both innovate and orchestrate the resources for innovation.

Our understanding of how innovation happens is also changing with less emphasis on the development of new technologies and more on combinations of technological and organisational changes, including the development of new business models.

The focus of this research theme is on firms and industries, and our research covers two aspects of innovation and competitiveness: new processes, mechanisms and sources of innovation; and the context of innovation.

Firms have always drawn on both internal and external resources to develop their knowledge bases and innovate. Indeed, most of what is known about innovation has been drawn from studies of product-based manufacturing firms, often with an emphasis on technological innovation.

The balance may be shifting, however, with an increased emphasis on the external sourcing of knowledge and the orchestration of innovation ecosystems, sometimes at considerable geographic distances. We have also pioneered research into under-explored sectors, including services and, more specifically, business services. We are also examining other under-researched contexts, including the creative and cultural industries.

Research Theme Leader
Bruce Tether

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The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research is a centre of excellence in the field of innovation studies, building on a 50-year tradition of innovation and science studies in Manchester.

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