Health Services Research Centre

Organising care

Watch Prof Ruth McDonald: The Organising Care Theme

Research connected with the Organising care theme is concerned with investigating and evaluating ways of delivering and commissioning care. 

Our research builds upon existing work covering:

  • The relationship between incentive structures and organisational forms; and professional behaviours and health outcomes 
  • Examining new roles 
  • Technologies
  • Ways of funding care 
  • Operational performance 
  • Innovation in the context of the move from hierarchical to more networked organisational forms 
  • The workforce implications of new roles - building upon work that explores the sustainability of workforce modernisation and skill mix changes
  • The manner in which various actors seek to occupy the regulatory space of changing work practices 

Research Projects

Title Funder Duration Contact
An Investigation of the Scale, Scope and Impact of Skill Mix Change in Primary Care  NIHR Health Services & Delivery Research Sept 2018 to
Sept 2020
 Damian Hodgson, Anne McBride
Organizational Forms and Managerial Work in a Comparative Perspective AMBS Internal Funding Aug 2016 to July 2019 John Hassard, Paula Hyde, Leo McCann, Edward Granter
Learning About and Learning From GP Federations in the English NHS: A quantitative investigation              National Institute for Health Research Sept 2016 to Aug 2018 Ruth McDonald
Innovation, Health and Wealth: A formative and summative evaluation

National Institute for Health Research Oct 2014 to 30 Sept 2017 Ruth McDonald
Patient Level Information and Costing Systems
Department of Health May 2013 to Sept 2015 Sue Llewellyn
Roles and Behaviours of Middle and Junior Managers: Managing new organizational forms of healthcare    National Institute for Health Research
Jan 2009 to June 2013 Paula Hyde
PANICOA Care Home Final Study: In-depth examination of care
Department of Health Mar 2011 to Mar 2013 Paula Hyde
Scoping Study of Emergency Planning and Management in Health Care: What further research is needed? 
Department of Health Sept 2010 to Oct 2011 Naomi Chambers
PCT Commissioning Practice and Health System Governance
Department of Health Dec 2009 to Nov 2012 Naomi Chambers