Health Services Research Centre

Improvement & performance


Research connected with the Improvement and performance theme explores the way performance regimes for healthcare organisations and professions are created and constructed and their effects. 

It brings a wider understanding of improvement methodologies and approaches in service and manufacturing to bear on the healthcare sector, and examines how organisational ‘improvement capabilities’ are created, used and maintained.

We have particular interests in:

  • The oversight and regulation of healthcare services, organisations and professions in the context of changing societal notions of accountability and professionalism
  • Mechanisms and contexts at work in service and organisational decline, failure and turnaround
  • Patient engagement
  • Using large datasets derived from health-record databases, and some built by ‘scraping’ the internet, to look for correlates and determinants of quality of care across organisations, particularly using modern machine learning techniques in addition to more-traditional econometrics 

The Improvement and performance theme is closely aligned to the Alliance Manchester Business School Health Management Group.

Research Projects

Devolving Health and Social Care: Learning from Greater Manchester
The Health Foundation Oct 2015 to
Mar 2018
Kieran Walshe, Ruth McDonald
Intersect Programme Evaluation NHS Leadership Academy Sept 2015 to April 2017  Alan Boyd 
Strengthening Capacity to Evaluate Asset-based Community Development Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust Sept 2015 to August 2016 Alan Boyd
Provider Ratings: The effects of the Care Quality Commission's new inspection and rating system on provider performance        Department of Health Jun 2015 to
Feb 2018
Kieran Walshe
Leading Improvement: Scoping the organisational determinants of clinical quality and performance improvement The Health Foundation Apr 2015 to
Jul 2017
Kieran Walshe
Facilitating Health Care Improvement / Regulating for Improvement

The Health Foundation Sept 2013 to
Oct 2017
Kieran Walshe
General Medical Council Sept 2014 to
Dec 2016
Kieran Walshe
Evaluating the Development of Medical Revalidation in England and its Impact on Organisational Performance and Medical Practice 
National Institute for Health Research Nov 2014 to
Jul 2017
Kieran Walshe
Evaluating the Regulatory Impact of Medical Revalidation  General Medical Council  October 2014 to October 2017  Kieran Walshe
Evaluation of Care Quality Commission's Acute Hospital Regulatory Model
Care Quality Commission Oct 2013 to
Apr 2014
Kieran Walshe
Developing a Strategic Framework to Guide the Care Quality Commission's Programme of Evaluation
Care Quality Commission Aug 2012 to Nov 2012 Kieran Walshe