Health Services Research Centre


Research connected with the Implementation theme:

  • focuses on the use of evidence in practice
  • contributes understanding about systems for research and innovation in healthcare and ‘how’ to improve and change healthcare services
  • includes evaluation research using a range of methods and theoretical approaches
  • is a fundamental part of the research carried out within the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Greater Manchester (GM)
  • is an emerging field of interest not only within practice but also within the academic environment
  • links closely with the ‘organising care’ and ‘improvement and performance’ themes

Implementation research supports both implementation into practice and research into this process, and draws on multi-disciplinary approaches to research, including collaboration with those providing clinical care and those responsible for the organisation of care.  There are also a number of other related projects, funded from other sources and relating to aspects of getting innovation and evidence into practice.

Our work makes a difference for people with a range of health-related issues, as well as contributing to policy and service development.

Through the HSRC the Alliance Manchester Business School is taking a leading role in this emerging area of applied health services research and building on the work of CLAHRC to date, as well as our extensive collaborations with academics and clinicians from a range of disciplines and disease areas. 

Research Projects

Project Funder Duration AMBS People involved
NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Greater Manchester (GM)

NIHR and providers and commissioners from the NHS, industry, the third sector and The University of Manchester 2014-2018 See below for individual programmes within CLAHRC

CLAHRC GM comprises a range of programmes:
Community Services focus
Mapping pathways of end-of-life care     Damian Hodgson, Simon Bailey
Wound care programme     Paul Wilson
Primary care focus
NHS England (Greater Manchester) primary care demonstrator evaluation     Damian Hodgson, Simon Bailey, Anne McBride
Kidney health programme
    Damian Hodgson, Simon Bailey, Gill Harvey
Learning and evaluation
Strategising in a fragmented organisational context: A longitudinal study of leadership in a large-scale collaborative research partnership     Roman Kislov
Evaluation of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme pilot (Salford)     Sarah Knowles
Facilitators and Leaders Actively Mobilising Evidence (FLAME): An international study exploring the respective roles of facilitators, clinical leaders and executive leaders in enabling and supporting the implementation of evidence in practice
    Gill Harvey, Roman Kislov, Paul Wilson 
Clinical Academic Pathways (CAP) evaluation: Understanding the experiences of recently qualified nurses, in relation to developing research capacity building and knowledge mobilisation
    Carrie Hunt
Other projects/grants (not CLAHRC)
Effects of a demand led knowledge translation service on the uptake and use of research evidence by NHS commissioners compared with lower intensity untargeted alternative NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme 2014-2016 Paul Wilson (PI)
Reorganising specialist cancer surgery for the 21st century: a mixed methods evaluation (RESPECT-21) NIHR Health Services and Delivery (HS&DR) Programme 2015-
Catherine Perry, Ruth Boaden
DEcisions in health Care to Introduce or Diffuse innovations using Evidence (DECIDE) The Health Foundation 2016-2018 Simon Turner (PI)