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News Story Devolving Health and Social Care: Learning from Greater Manchester
A new report by academics at Alliance Manchester Business School presents research findings about health and social care devolution in Greater Manchester.

Annual Teddy Chester Lecture  Disinformation and Fake News
The dangers of fake news and its impact on global health came under the spotlight at the 2018 Annual Teddy Chester Lecture as guest speaker Martin McKee, Professor of European Public Health at the London School of Hygiene, was blunt in his appraisal of the damage that fake news can cause well beyond the political arena. 
AMBS Spotlight

Under the Microscope
We regulate many areas of public and commercial life, but does it work? Kieran Walshe reflects upon lessons of regulation from his research into the Care Quality Commisssion (CQC) in an Alliance Manchester Business School Research Magazine interview (pg. 18-19). 
AMBS Spotlight Bridging Barriers
Roman Kislov investigates the challenges of translating academic knowledge into practice in an Alliance Manchester Business School Research Magazine interview (pg. 28-29).
HSRC Newsletter Autumn 2018 HSRC Newsletter
The autumn edition of the HSRC Newsletter highlights forthcoming Centre events, HSRC news, the Researcher Development Network (RDN) and recent publications. 
Expert Blog The Regulator's Dilemma: How to make things better? 
Kieran Walshe discusses how regulated areas of public and commercial life can do more than just adding cost and bureaucracy for the organisations they oversee in this expert blog
News Story Impact of the Care Quality Commission on provider performance: room for improvement?
A joint research report by The King's Fund and The University of Manchester explores CQC provider ratings and their impact on care quality. Read more about the research report with articles by AMBSNational Health Executive (NHE), the BMJ, Pulse and Health Services Journal (HSJ)
Expert Blog Opportunities to improve the management of wound care in the NHS
Paul Wilson introduces the issue and significance of wound care research and discusses the findings of his research team's work for future approaches to wound management in this Policy@Manchester expert blog

Expert Blog Beyond the parish pump... what next for public health? 
RDN member Alex Hall discusses the significance of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to explore public health's professional identity in this Policy@Manchester expert blog.
HSRC Newsletter Summer 2018 HSRC Newsletter
The summer edition of the HSRC Newsletter highlights forthcoming Centre events, HSRC news, the Researcher Development Network (RDN) and recent publications. 

AMBS Spotlight

Conversation with HSRC Director, Damian Hodgson
HSRC Director Damian Hodgson discusses research through collaboration, impact and future plans in an Alliance Manchester Business School Research Magazine interview (pg. 26-27).

 Award EGOS Best Paper Award
Ruth McDonald was awarded the 2017 European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Best Paper Award for her paper, When recovery is not possible: Forensic psychiatrists and serious offenders suspended in timeco-authored with Marianna Fotaki. Ruth received this highest EGOS honour at the 34th EGOS Colloquium held July 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia. 

News Story HSRC hosts international academics 
HSRC partnered with The Work and Equalities Institute to welcome two leading US academics to The University of Manchester. Professors Rose Batt and Ron Applegate from Cornell University specialise on new forms of governance to improve jobs and public services
Expert Blog Council finance and NHS foundation trusts
As the NHS approaches its 70th birthday on 5 July, Naomi Chambers writes in her expert blog that one developing story in Blackpool suggests that, as often with the NHS, truth can be stranger than fiction. 
News Story HSRC chosen to host prestigious OBHC Conference in 2020
The Health Services Research Centre has been named as the host of the 2020 International Oganizational Behaviour in Health Care (OBHC) Conference, one of the world's most prestigious research conferences on healthcare organisation and management. 

News Story Are doctors fit to practise? New reforms have increased scrutiny and checks
A new report, led by Kieran Walshe and published in collaboration with the universities of York and Plymouth, have examined reforms to the ways doctors are regulated by the General Medical Council's introduction of  medical revalidation  for all doctors in the United Kingdom. 

Video Blog How can we reduce missed health appointments? 
RDN member Eleanor Bull introduces two easy to use and positive psychology strategies that research has shown to reduce missed appointments by up to 33% in this animated vlog.

HSRC Newsletter Spring 2018 HSRC Newsletter
The Spring edition of the HSRC Newsletter highlights forthcoming Centre events, HSRC news, the Researcher Development Network (RDN) and recent publications. 
Expert Blog Just because I can doesn't mean I will: behavioural science and translating professional change into practice
RDN member Eleanor Bull discusses current research about health professional behaviour and introduces work she and her colleagues are doing with translation of research to improve practice in this Policy@Manchester expert blog.
News Story Paula Hyde is made Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences
The National Academy of Academics, Learned Societies and Practitioners in the Social Sciences has conferred the Award of Fellow on Paula Hyde in recognition of her considerable standing in her research field and more generally in business and management. 

Expert Blog Accelerating innovation in new ways of delivering health and social care
RDN member Simon Turner discusses how an innovation-friendly environment can be achieved in local health systems in his Policy@Manchester expert blog
News Story Provider ratings: the effect of the Care Quality Commission's inspection and rating system on health and social care
HSRC researchers are conducting a research project examining how health and social services, the public, and other stakeholders are responding to the CQC's new inspection and rating system. 
Video Blog Spontaneous volunteers helping to cope with disasters 
When a major disaster strikes people feel compelled to help but these spontaneous volunteers are usually untrained in emergency response and can become a hindrance to emergency services. However, Duncan Shaw's research shows that, if trained correctly, these volunteers could instead offer valuable resource, as explained in this animated vlog.

Annual Grigor McClelland Lecture Society needs to wake up to the profound changes being caused by increased longevity
As keynote of the 2018 Annual Grigor McClelland Lecture, Anna Dixon, Chief Executive of the Centre for Ageing Better, said changes in life expectancy are radically going to change our whole experience of ageing and we need to wake up to the huge challenge. 
Expert Blog  Introducing non GP health professionals into general practice teams: what needs to be considered? 
Pauline Nelson and Damian Hodgson survey the current situation, direction of travel and the steps needed to achieve GP sustainability in a changing NHS in their Policy@Manchester expert blog.

News Story Changes in board leadership and governance in acute hospitals in England since 2013
A new report authored by Naomi Chambers examines changes in the ways NHS hospitals are led since the findings of the Francis Inquiry published five years ago. 

HSRC Newsletter Winter 2018 HSRC Newsletter
The Winter 2018 edition of the HSRC Newsletter highlights forthcoming Centre events, HSRC news, the Researcher Development Network (RDN) and latest publications. 
Annual Teddy Chester Lecture Taking charge? Learning from health and social care devolution in Greater Manchester
Jon Rouse, Chief Officer of GM Health and Social Care Partnership, presented as keynote at the 2017 Annual Teddy Chester Lecture. Rouse spoke about the origins of the Greater Manchester experiment with health and social care devolution, and some of the early developments since the new arrangement went live in April 2016.
News Story The University of Manchester's Social Responsibility unit highlights HSRC's Urban Villages research project
HSRC is involved in an innovative project developing participatory approaches to care in deprived urban neighbourhoods. 
News Story Good Care-Giving in Care Homes for Older People
Paula Hyde presented about what academic research can say about good care-giving at the 2017 Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Sciences Good Care Homes panel event
HSRC Newsletter Autumn 2017 HSRC Newsletter
The Autumn 2017 edition of the HSRC Newsletter highlights forthcoming Centre events, HSRC news, the Researcher Development Network (RDN) and latest publications.
HSRC Seminar Extending access to primary healthcare: the roll-out of 7-day services in Greater Manchester
Natalie Ross and Will Whittaker of CLAHRC GM presented data from their studies of the roll-out of 7-day services in Greater Manchester for the first HSRC Seminar for the new academic year. Their evaluations of 7 CCG areas suggest that, despite agreed standards for 7-day access provision, different implementation strategies reflect different local population contexts and also different concepts of 7-day access. 
News Story Manchester holds International Ethnography Symposium
HSRC participated in 12th Annual International Ethnography Symposium, themed Politics and Ethnography in an Age of Uncertainty, which looked at how global changes in health and medicine are variously linked with local changes and implementation. 

AMBS Spotlight Spotlight with Paula Hyde
Personal background, Centre accolades, and the future of health research: read AMBS's spotlight with HSRC Director, Professor Paula Hyde. 
Award PMI Research Achievement Award
The annual PMI Research Achievement Award was presented at the 2017 IRNOP conference to HSRC Deputy Director Professor Damian Hodgson. He received the PMI award for his work founding the Making Projects Critical (MPC) network, workshops, and ongoing research into opening up project management and project-based organisations to critical examination. 

Expert Blog Clinical governance and the role of NHS boards: lessons from the Ian Patterson case
In the wake of Ian Paterson’s conviction, medicine’s enduring professional “club” culture must be eradicated, say HSRC Co-Directors Professor Kieran Walshe and Professor Naomi Chambersin their expert blog
International Visit How health professionals and managers can become more effective
A leading Canadian professor in strategic management addressed researchers and academics during a recent visit to Alliance MBS. Trish Reay, Professor in Strategic Management and Organization at the University of Alberta School of Business, discussed innovation and mobilising knowledge in health care during her HSRC seminar.  

Award HSRC recognised by AACSB International for driving innovation in business education worldwide
HSRC achieved global recognition with a prestigious 'Innovations that Inspire' award from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). HSRC was distinguished for being an interdisciplinary and innovative health research institution bringing together health services researchers to drive innovative perspectives in research, making real impact on how health and social care is delivered. 

National Visit  How health practitioners and academics can better work together
At our latest HSRC seminar, guest speaker Martin Marshall, Professor of Healthcare Improvement at UCL, spoke about the experiences to date of the Researcher-in-Residence model that his university and others are developing in order to promote better working relationships between academia and managers. 

Annual Teddy Chester Lecture Pride, pressure and possibility: the state of the NHS
Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, presented as keynote at the 2016 Annual Teddy Chester Lecture. Stevens spoke about the challenges and opportunities facing the NHS by highlighting the pride, pressure and possibility of the health service as it approaches its 70th birthday.

News Story HSRC marks its first anniversary
On the even
ing of the 12th September, the Health Services Research Centre hosted a showcase of research at The Whitworth to celebrate its inaugural year. 

News Story HSRC hosts major international conference
HSRC hosted Fairer Futures? Reshaping Care for Older People on 12 September as part of the Third Fairness at Work Conference.  The event looked at the state of care provision in the UK, and how we can do better for our older people.

Expert Blog Why we need social innovation in home care for older people
HSRC Director Paula Hyde's expert blog examines why we need social innovation in home care of the elderly. A joint report launched on 12 September 2016 at the Fairer Futures: Reshaping Care for Older People day symposium, argues that, with a social innovation approach, local authorities could provide better home care to benefit both carers and the cared. 
Expert Blog The NHS: reform, reorganisation and the risks of rushing into changes without proper scrutiny
HSRC Co-Director Kieran Walshe, Professor of Health Policy and Management and head of the Health Management Group at AMBS, writes an expert blog on his views on NHS reform, reorganisation and the risks of rushing into changes without proper security.

Expert Blog Reflections on the first 12 months of the Health Services Research Centre
HSRC Manager Jonathan Bevan reflects on the first twelve months of the Health Services Research Centre in this expert blog

Expert Blog Angry about offshore tax havens and tax avoidance?
In this expert blog, HSRC Director Professor Paula Hyde talks about the recent report that sheds light on complex company structures and tax avoidance in the publicly-funded care home industry.

Expert Blog Are doctors fit to practice? Research shows the impact of government reforms to professional regulation
Are doctors fit to practice? HSRC core member Alan Boyd discusses in this expert blog about how research shows the impact of government reforms to professional regulation and medical revalidation. 

Expert Blog The times they are a Changin’ – but will we see the difference?
The devolution of health and social care to Greater Manchester is being heralded as the dawn of a new era – one that can deliver the fastest and greatest improvement to the health and wellbeing of 2.8 million people. But, asks HSRC Co-Director Professor Ruth Boaden in this expert blog, will any real change be seen? 

Expert Blog Clever contracts and management consultants: learning from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough fiasco
HSRC Co-Director Kieran Walshe, Professor of Health Policy and Management and head of the Health Management Group at AMBS, writes about contracts and  consultants in this expert blog regarding lessons from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough fiasco.  

News Story Where does the money go?
Big care home chains have told the public about a crisis in social care which they blame on not receiving enough money from local authorities, who pay for half of care home beds. But where does the money go when your local authority pays more than £500 per week for a care home bed? Read the news story about the newly released report that attempts to answer this question. 

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