The research team

  • Dr Emma Banister
  • Ben Kerrane

Dr Emma Banister

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Emma is a Senior Lecturer in Consumer Research at Manchester University. Emma combines her academic role with being mum to two young and energetic boys. She lives and works in Manchester and enjoys working part time in an attempt to claw back some of that elusive work-life balance. Prior to this research Emma has been engaged in a variety of projects, including exploring the transition to motherhood and young people and alcohol consumption.

Dr Ben Kerrane

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Ben is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Lancaster University. He is married to Katy, and has two girls. Becoming a father for the first time was a great experience for Ben, although he admits that it was a struggle to cope in this new role. When his first daughter was born, Ben shared childcare duties equally with his wife in the first year of fatherhood – and he later went on to utilise flexible working patterns in his early fatherhood role. Ben has conducted research that helps to explore issues that revolve around family life, including a study that also focussed on fatherhood.