Health Services Research Centre


Recent reports:

Devolving Health and Social Care: Learning from Greater Manchester This report presents findings from research commissioned and funded by The Health Foundation and the NIHR CLAHRC to better understand how health and social care devolution policy has developed in Greater Manchester, including what changes it brought to governance, accountability and organisational arrangements, and how changes to health and care services for people were planned and implemented. 

GM Primary Care 7-Day Access Evaluation Final Report - NIHR CLAHRC-GM has been working with Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) since 2013 to evaluate the implementation of 7 day access to general practice (i.e. additional provision of GP appointments on evenings and at the weekend) across Greater Manchester (GM). This report of latest research evaluation explores the uptake of weekly evening and weekend appointments, how extended access was rolled out and implemented across six GM Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and the impact it has on the use of other services in the area.

Impact of the Care Quality Commission on provider performance: room for improvement?

Research carried out by The King’s Fund and the Alliance Manchester Business School, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, examined how the CQC was working in four sectors between 2015 and 2018 – acute hospitals, mental health, general practice, and social care — in six areas of England to assess whether CQC inspections actually drive improvements in provider performance. 

Responses to Francis: Changes in board leadership and governance in acute hospitals in England since 2013 - Naomi Chambers's report, funded by the Department of Health Research Programme and published in conjunction with the Nuffield Trust and the University of Birmingham, is available to now read in either the full report or easy guide version. The report  finds that hospital leadership has generally changed for the better since the Francis Inquiry. There are, however, worrying signs that current high levels of demand, and the financial, workforce and regulatory pressures in the NHS are putting recent gains in providing safer and kinder care to patients at risk.

Evaluating the Development of Medical Revalidation in England and its Impact on Organisational Performance and Medical Practice - An independent research report led by Kieran Walshe, funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme and published in collaboration with the University of York and the University of Plymouth, examines reforms to the ways doctors are regulated by the General Medical Council's introduction of medical revalidation for all doctors in the United Kingdom. Overall, research shows the majority of the public and medical professionals think doctors' fitness to practice should be regularly checked and support the introduction of medical revalidation. However, while research suggests that the new system is working, its effectiveness and impact could be improved.

Recent books:

Critical Leadership: Leader-Follower Dynamics in a Public Organization by AMBS’s Paul Evans, John Hassard and Paula Hyde has attracted attention not only for being an in-depth ethnographic study of power and authority in a large bureaucracy, but also for providing a forceful critique of the New Public Management agenda in business strategy. It challenges traditional assumptions of leadership as residing exclusively in the qualities of the formal leader and highlights, instead, the network forces that influence leader-follower relations – a controversial argument in that it stresses, for example, the importance of understanding ‘followership’ as much as leadership. Previously available only in hardback, this book has recently been reissued in paperback edition. 

Managing Modern Health Care: Knowledge, Networks and Practice by Mike Bresnen, Damian Hodgson, Simon Bailey, Paula Hyde, and John Hassard theoretically and empirically relates to wider work on networks and networking, management knowledge, situated learning/communities of practice, professionalization/professional identity and healthcare management. Its practical contributions include recommendations for healthcare management practitioners and policy makers that are intended to impact upon and help enhance healthcare management delivery and performance.

Deconstructing the Welfare State: Managing Healthcare in the Age of Reform
 by Paula Hyde, Edward Granter, John Hassard and Leo McCann explores the daily realities of working life for middle managers in the National Health Service during a time of radical change and disruption. 

Healthcare Management 

is edited by Kieran Walshe and Judith Smith and written by leading experts in the field. This popular book, now in its third edition, covers all key aspects of healthcare management with healthcare managers, professionals and students in mind. It provides an accessible and evidence-based guide to healthcare systems, services, organisations and management.



Below is a selection of our other recent publications

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