Health Services Research Centre

Management knowledge, leadership and governance

Our research is concerned with the Management knowledge, leadership and governance theme focuses on:

  • The challenges confronting management in healthcare in a changing institutional and organisational context 
  • How management and leadership in healthcare are developing in response to these challenges 
  • Implications for the development of managerial knowledge, capabilities and skills
  • Board governance 
  • Managerial work and the changing nature of managerial roles and relationships across the networks of interaction, particularly those linking clinical and managerial communities of practice 
  • Means for changing roles (e.g. ‘hybrid’ managers)
  • Networked interaction
  • Transformation of models of leadership
  • The professionalisation of management practice
  • Patterns of workforce engagement

Research Projects

Title Funder Duration Contact
NHS Managers' Use of Nursing Workforce Planning and Deployment Technologies: Protocol for a realist synthesis of implementation and impact National Institute for Health Research Feb 2016 to Jul 2017 Anne McBride
Learning from Leadership Changes Made by Boards of Hospital NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts Following the Francis Inquiry Report
Department of Health Jun 2015 to May 2017 Naomi Chambers
Measuring Quality in Community Nursing: A mixed methods study
Department of Health Oct 2014 to Dec 2016 Ruth McDonald
Being a Manager, Becoming a Professional? Exploring the Use of Management Knowledge across Communities of Practice in Healthcare Organisations
National Institute for Health Research Sept 2010 to Feb 2013 Michael Bresnen
Formal Evaluation of NHS NW Leadership Fellows Programme 2009 - 2010 NHS North West Mar 2010 to Mar 2011 Sue Llewellyn
Formal Evaluation of NHS NW Leadership Fellows Alumni Programme 2010 - 2012 NHS North West Sept 2010 to Aug 2011 Sue Llewellyn
Towards a Framework for Enhancing the Performance of NHS Boards: A synthesis of the evidence about board governance board effectiveness and board development
Department of Health Sept 2010 to Aug 2011 Naomi Chambers