Health Services Research Centre

Researcher Development Network

Who we are 

The Researcher Development Network (RDN) is an interdisciplinary network of over 60 early career, mid-career and postgraduate health service researchers at the University of Manchester.  The RDN was established in 2016 by the Health Services Research Centre at Alliance Manchester Business School.

What we do 

The RDN increases capacity for developing researchers in the following areas: academic writing and publishing; research funding and fellowships; strengthening the researcher career path; and peer-support, networking and collaboration.  Our membership is open to any researchers and postgraduates at The University of Manchester who are involved in health services research.  To join our network, subscribe to the listserv or to find out more, please contact

Our researchers conduct studies across a wide range of health related themes and use a variety of theories, approaches and methods. The visual below shows some of the thematic areas that our researchers are currently working on and highlights some key interdisciplinary themes spanning the Business School, Health Sciences and Social Sciences:



For our latest news and to find out what our researchers are doing, please follow us on our RDN Twitter account, subscribe to our mailing list, or email