European Work and Employment Research Centre

Industrial relations and decent work


The study of industrial relations and decent work explores the changing strategies of trade unions and other social actors through UK and international research. Our research includes a focus on vulnerable workers (eg. youth, women, migrant workers) and on the pay bargaining strategies of unions and employers.

Books & book chapters

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Journal articles

  • Cox, A., Marchington, M. and Suter, J. (2009) ‘Employee involvement and participation: developing the concept of institutional embeddedness using WERS 2004’, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20 (10): 2150-68.
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Research reports

  • Grimshaw, D. (2010) ‘What do we know about low wage work and low wage workers? Analysing the definitions, patterns, causes and consequences in international perspective’ Report for the ILO. (August).


The European Work and Employment Research Centre was established in 1994 to build upon and develop expertise in comparative and inter-disciplinary research in the area of work and employment.

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