European Work and Employment Research Centre

Globalisation and comparative employment systems


EWERC projects seek to extend our knowledge and understanding of patterns of convergence and divergence in national employment models, as well as to interrogate the dynamics of globalisation shaping the world of work.

Books & book chapters

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Journal articles

  • Berrebi-Hoffmann, I., Grimshaw, D., Lallement, M. and Miozzo, M. (2010) ‘Employment challenges facing the knowledge economy in Europe: The case of IT services’, Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation, 4 (1): 84-103.
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  • Oscar Rodriguez Ruiz and Miguel Martinez Lucio. "The study of HRM in Spain: the Americanization of Spanish research and the politics of denial?" International Journal of Human Resource Management 21 (2010): 18.

Research reports

Grimshaw, D. and Rubery, J. (2010) ‘Minimum wage systems and changing industrial relations in Europe: Comparative report’, Report prepared for the EC project ‘Minimum Wage Systems and Changing Industrial Relations in Europe’, available at the minimum wage project page.


The European Work and Employment Research Centre was established in 1994 to build upon and develop expertise in comparative and inter-disciplinary research in the area of work and employment.

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