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Hello, and welcome to new and returning students.
I’m sure by now you’ve settled in nicely and are in the full swing of academic life at University. My name is Sean and I’m a final year student studying ITMB and during this year I will mainly focus my blogs on the reality of final year within MBS and specifically the ITMB degree programme, with a little bit of my social/working life thrown in for good measure. I have written about my experiences since the beginning of my time at Manchester which can be found in the “Archives” section of this webpage, where I have spoken about the likes of student accommodation, finances, work experience, the ITMB course, changing courses.. you name it!

I recently completed a very successful placement year (also in the archives) at one of the world’s leading IT organisations, IBM. I was based in central London and the entire experience was simply priceless, from living in London to the real responsibility I had in the job role and people I worked with. I enjoyed it so much so that I extended my working contract by THREE extra months!! I was sad to leave, but not too much as it was my birthday that day and I had a champagne river cruise to catch. It took us from the London Eye, passed IBMs South Bank Office, The City of London right down to Canary Wharf.

Sean IBM

Sean london

It was a fantastic way to spend one of my last days in London. The following day, with a bit of a hazy head my partner and I climbed the big hill towards the Observatory in Greenwich, to catch one very last look at London in all its might! In my opinion one of the best places to go in London, and it’s free with plenty of space for a picnic.

Sean greenwich

From one megacity to the next, we caught the Eurostar to Paris…. Ooh la la! Paris blew me away with its boulangeries, café culture but nothing prepared me for seeing the Eiffel tower in real life for the first time! A master piece in itself, we walked up half way after waiting in a not too ridiculous queue.

Eiffel tower

This was not the case at other attractions. Surprisingly, one of the lesser known, the Paris Catacombs (an underground graveyard with 6 million + buried) had a short queue but which moved like a glacier! Over 2 hours but see picture for creepiness times 1,000!


Although we did do many other things, from visiting the Latin and Jewish quarters, all the galleries, the Sacré-Cœur and more the kid in me needs to tell you how good Disney Land was! The two parks are amazing and the day was topped off by an out of this world jaw dropping show at the castle. Youtube Disney Dreams to see the action.

P.S – There is this really good falafel place in Paris in the Jewish Quarter called, L’As du Fallafel, search it out if you’re in town. Cheap and really tasty! And that’s that really.

We final years are in to are second week of lectures and already the volume of background reading is potentially greater than all of the reading in previous years put together. Less lecture time, but so much more reading, which is good as I find the subject becomes much clearer when you have read a couple of books before going to the lecture and then eureka moment happens when the lecture pieces everything together! I’m also currently making developments my final year project, which for obvious reasons I won’t detail too much, but once it is finished I hope it one day can be used by you and other students to tackle a growing problem… so watch this space!


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