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Approaching the end of the 1st semester, I’m settling well into life back in Manchester since completing my exchange in Singapore. I study BSc. International Management and currently am in my final year. As expected, the hours I have in terms of lecture & seminars aren’t as much as previous years but that does not imply it’s easier. A lot more independent research is required for me this year therefore a significant amount of my time to focus on that. Ideally, I would have wanted a part-time job but opted against it due to my commitments applying for internships and graduate programmes. It’s worth noting, though I did not take on a part-time job, I have contributed to the University in many ways like being a student ambassador, helping during open days & being a mentor for the Global Friends Programme. I strongly advise any student to take advantage of the career service even 1st years. Its opportunities like ‘Passport Career’ to really enhance my CV & LinkedIn profile. It’s important to get that head start & build an impressing picture of yourself right from the beginning.

Coming back from Singapore I opted to move to back to Halls. Many landlords were reluctant to offer me accommodation a year ahead of time which was understandable so to save myself trouble or late stress I opted for University accommodation. The process was not stressful or difficult at all, just would advise to inquire about it early. I did get my first choice being Sheavyn House, so this odd perception I hear of being a ‘non-fresher’ means I don’t get my favoured choice is nonsense. The University are fair in allocating places regardless of me being a senior student.

AMBS has a lot to offer for any student who enrols in any course. Throughout my years being part of AMBS I feel not only the teachers have had a lot to offer me in terms of support & guidance but also the students around me. I just submitted a group assignment for a module (BMAN 31681 Management in Practice) & the people I have teamed with are not only friendly but highly intelligent. I’ve come to benefit over the years seeing how they tackle assignments, deadlines & a balanced work/study lifestyle. All that has come to help me develop as an individual. There can be no doubt on what I look forward to most and that’s the new AMBS building come the 2nd semester, I hope. Seriously everyone it’s impressive & I’m grateful to the University that I will be able to experience it even for just 1 semester or more should I opt to go for a Master’s here in Manchester (still considering an MBA here at AMBS).


Anyone wanting to hear about my time abroad last year. It was around this time in 2017 that I found out I was set to go to Singapore in August (provided I achieved the grade required). It may have seemed daunting at first; “Asia, am I ready for that? I asked myself”, but by January I felt so up for it with the University providing support through the process & engaging me with other students travelling over there with events that it wasn’t stressful at all. Even now I’m participating in this event helping 2nd years get ready for their adventure abroad. Had a bowling event last week which was calm, chill yet informative for everyone. Over the next few months I’ll enlighten you all on what that year abroad was like. 😊. Feel free to send any questions to me via my email:


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