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Hi everyone,

It’s been six months since my last post and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!

As I mentioned in my last post I’m currently on placement in London, I work as a Technical Analyst at Credit Suisse and I’m happy to report I’m still enjoying it 🙂

A few things have changed though – I’m in a new team (which is good because I feel like I’m getting to experience two different jobs during one placement), but adjusting to the new role whilst having to hand over everything that I was working on before has been interesting, I’ve never really had to do that before so it’s been a good skill to learn. It’s been a busy few months for sure!

I spend most of my time working on reports for our in house support teams across the globe, that’s more interesting that it sounds I promise. I get to fully own projects and design everything about them so it gives me a chance to be quite creative, after that I present them to people to get feedback and then they get implemented.

One of the things I like the most about my degree (BSc IT Management for Business, or ITMB for short) is how often we have to present – whether that’s to lecturers or potential employers – so I’m happy that I get a chance to do that often at work. Sometimes I present to people across the globe and sometimes it’s to people who are quite senior within the firm. Presenting is an aspect of the job I’ve really enjoyed as I feel like I’m getting to take skills I’ve learned at uni and improve them even more; it can’t hurt for final year either I’m hoping!

It hasn’t been all work though, there’s been some great moments since my last post.

On the tourism front, I’d really recommend visiting the viewing platform at the Sky Garden; the view is incredible, it’s right in the centre of the City of London so you get to see so much of the city. I feel bad but that’s pretty much the only touristy thing I’ve done though since my last post, maybe that’s what I’ll aim for with the next post?

sky garden

Sky Garden

That’s not to say there isn’t things to do though, Halloween was… an interesting one. Normally I’m not a fan of being packed in on a tube with hundreds of people, but when those people are dressed in all sorts of different costumes and they’re a bit happier than normal it makes it quite an interesting experience. Here’s a picture of our little ITMB family out for Halloween – everyone in this picture is either a current ITMB student on placement or ITMB graduate so you can be quite certain you won’t be alone if you’re thinking of doing a placement year, you won’t be the only one.



Once I knew I’d be coming to London there was a couple of things I knew I wanted to do before I left; one was to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve and it was such a good night. Now you might ask why would I want to stand in the cold for hours to see a some fireworks – I honestly don’t know the answer, but it was fun either way and it’s just one of those iconic London things to do. A couple of close friends came to visit for a couple of days and we had a blast – New Year’s is easily one of the best nights I’ve had in London so far, so if you’re interested I’d recommend it to anyone. Tickets go on sale around September so just make you make a note of that 🙂

new years eve

New Years Eve

Growing up I was a bit* of a Harry Potter fan so a visit to the Warner Brothers studio was definitely on the cards at some point, if you’re doing a placement in London and you’re a fan of the series it’s a no brainer, and I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy it. There’s normally an offer on Groupon too – it’s normally something like two tickets and free food which is a winner, just have a look whenever you’re thinking of going. We are still students after all.

harry potter tour

Harry Potter Tour

That’s all for now, until next time!

Liam 🙂


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I’m a third year student studying IT Management for Business (ITMB), at the moment I’m working for Credit Suisse in London and I’m here to write about my experience on my placement year!

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