June 2017: I Love Manchester


Certainly, 22 May 2017 will be difficult to forget. As most people may know, the city was affected by the shocking event which occurred at the Manchester Arena following a concert by Ariana Grande. Unfortunately, 22 lives were lost that night.

Although it is difficult to talk about this tragic incident, I would like to highlight how impressive the reaction of the city and its people has been. Mancunians are really proud of Manchester and their love for it has been shown in many ways during the last couple of weeks. Solidarity and unity have been seen everywhere. It was very impressive to see people offering their places, their hotels and free taxi rides back home to those who were involved in the tragedy.

On the day after, thousands of people went to Albert Square to pay their respects. Many of them, holding signs saying “We love MCR” or “A City United” (referencing the two rival football teams of the city, Manchester City and Manchester United) to show that they will help each other and stand together. In that sense, I did not feel in danger. Actually, my natural reaction was compassion and a greater love for the city. Undoubtedly, the people of Manchester have shown to the world their kindness and how much they care about one another. As a foreigner, I can say that people of the world will hold Manchester in their thoughts.

Regarding studies, during the first week of June the exam period ended. Overall, we had to write two essays of 3,000 words and take three exams (one unit had an essay, which formed 50% of the final mark, and an exam, which formed the other 50% of the final mark). The exam format was based on answering two questions out of six, in two hours total. I think that it is important to mention that, at least from my perspective, they were not easy. Being honest, I had to study a lot. But I knew beforehand that this will be part of the experience of studying a Masters in the UK. Now that June is starting and the exams are over, it is time to focus on my dissertation. We have three months left to work on this project before ending this amazing experience. The countdown is on.


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