May 2018: End of lectures, but not the University


As I mentioned in my last blog, in this semester all our units are assessed with essays and some of them with presentations too. Luckily, we don’t have any exams.

Last week I had submitted all my assignments and two weeks ago I attended my last lecture and still cannot believe I had the last lecture of my life. The very sad thing about ending lectures/seminars is that we cannot meet our friends and classmates on a regular basis anymore because lectures were the only medium to meet all of our classmates.

I’m already feeling a bit of nostalgia while reflecting back on the past two semesters. The time span in the University has passed so quickly and I have already completed 75% of my course as two semesters are over and I still feel like I just moved to Manchester a few months ago.

Ending lectures doesn’t means that the university life is over, it’s time to focus on the dissertation and another stage of hard work is beginning as in the next 3 months we will have to write our dissertation and as we have limited time we need to use that time efficiently.

I would love to give some pieces of advice that I think are useful in writing a dissertation. As you are going to work on your dissertation for about 3 months, it will be better if you research about something you like a lot. It could be related to your previous jobs or it could be something which you learned during the course and caught your attention, or it could be something on which you will love to work upon it in the future .

The idea is to pick a subject of academic interest, obviously must be relevant to the overall Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship programme objectives that contributes to the existing knowledge also time managements skills is an absolute necessity during the period of dissertation as all tasks has to be done in advance to the workload from our courses.

While writing the dissertation you should always balance the academics with activities you like the most, for example, playing outdoor games, hiking, daytrips etc. No matter what you are interested in, the University for sure has a society, club or event for it, you just have to figure out what you want to do. It is up to you to grab opportunities and make the most of them.

I would only request you to come to the University with an open mind, step out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised by your capabilities.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries.

More about my journey in my next blog ………stay tuned!



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