March 2017: Where did February go?


Where did February go? This must be one of the most common phrases about February. Being two days short of thirty makes a lot of difference. For starters, everyone is busy trying to fit in a thirty-day schedule within 28 days but also settling further into the new year. In addition, February always prepares rain and cold temperatures for the UK, with most people feeling a bit gloomy and under the weather. There is a silver lining in all of this story though, end of February promises spring and spring brings out a more lively and cheerful attitude in people.

This little story of February sums up my activity in the second month of 2017. I started studying for the CFA at the beginning of February and since then, I have only focused on work and study and not to forget, one additional activity: a charity challenge. Named Micro Tyco, this fundraising activity focuses on releasing the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants and in a team of five develop a business idea to generate funds and donate these to WildHearts in support of micro-loans for women of the third world, all within one month, i.e. the shortest month of the year! My team decided on producing some massive A0 Instagram frames tailored to special events and use these at the respective events to charge people for taking pictures with them. The activity was a learning process with us having to coordinate different tasks, doing the actual leg work at the selected events and managing the relationship with the Barclays HR team and the charity itself. Not all things went smoothly but we learnt from each mistake and improved our approach to creating the frames and using them on site. The most important and cherished thing was the ability to donate the funds raised to the charity. I am eagerly waiting to see how these can be further used to support the business ideas of women in underdeveloped African communities.



You would say: nice ending to a busy gloomy month, quite rewarding indeed. And talking about rewards (not that I don’t work for a current account rewards scheme?!), I actually went one step further and decided to spoil myself with a trip to Gibraltar for the last weekend of February. This tiny British territory is simply the best combination between the southern European sun and the British lifestyle. The pics below speak for themselves.


Until next time with more stories of March and spring.


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