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Systematic Inventive Thinking
Dil Sidhu, CEO Alliance MBS
Thursday 22nd September 2016
8am – 10am
Venue – Macdonald Hotel, Manchester

What is Systematic Inventive Thinking?

SIT is an easily understood toolkit that can be used to develop innovative solutions, based on what you already know. We will explore how using the SIT approach can deliver fresh thinking to a broad range of business activities. In an age where business needs teams to be more creative and inventive, there are many leaders who feel they lack these skills. While we are encouraged to ‘think outside of the box’, SIT encourages individuals and teams to ‘think INSIDE the box’ to find innovation solutions.

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Alliance Manchester Business School has a global reputation for innovative and influential teaching and research, which impacts business on a local, national and international level. We call this Original Thinking Applied.

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